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Business Opportunity Testimonials

I have been involved in the network marketing industry for over 20 years with five different companies. I also am one of the few CPAís to enter the MLM industry, so I have a somewhat different perspective than most people in the business. For the last thirteen years, I have been seriously involved with three different companies and done well with all three of them. Every company I have ever been involved with over the last 20 years is still in business and they are all doing extremely well. While my last three companies were extremely successful, none of them ever produced the intense excitement and acceptability that I am experiencing with JavaFit. While the problems in the economy have created a ďwindfallĒ opportunity for many network marking companies, JavaFit has something special. That special unique advantage involves the combination of two massive industries. While the vitamin industry is huge, the coffee industry is even bigger. Coffee is the second largest commodity next to oil and 110 million Americans drink coffee every day without fail. Because of this, we do not have to create a demand for this product, it is already created. This means everyone can do this business. My previous company went from 30 million to 1.4 billion in a three year period. In this company, I see the same potential. The only difference is, I think JavaFit will go much farther and a lot quicker.

Lance Gordon
Milwaukee, WI

Hello, This is Bill & Robin
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My husband & I have been in network marketing on and off for over 17 years -- we have been somewhat successful - however we have never had an opportunity for this type of positioning - when JavaFit was presented to us - with the great product, leaders with outstanding integrity & credibility and the ground floor , truly ground floor opportunity , that we could be founders in this company I said to my husband Oh my GOD --- we have to do this we love coffee we love talking to people & we love making $$$ and seeing that we can help other people be successful with us just makes my heart swell! So I became a founder & we are very excited & very optimistic about the company's growth --we believe that we are in the right place at the right time!!!!

Gene & Donna Roberson given enough COFFEE we can rule the WORLD!!!

JavaFit is the answer to our prayers!! We were weeks away from losing our home and because of this opportunity we have been able to turn our finances around!! Thanks JavaFit!!

Dan and Donna Morgan
Gillette Wyoming

Hi, just wanted to write in and give my two cents on JavaFit. I'm a father and have worked in the sales and construction industry most my life. I came across the company and product while searching for a way to make extra money from home. I was a bit skeptical at first because, although it's a no brainer concept, I was worried about how it might taste, so I thought about it for a few seconds and realized with the money back guarantee I had nothing to loose, so I went ahead and ordered a variety pack. The price was a little more than what I was spending on regular coffee, but this is Gourmet Functional Coffee, so the price really wasn't an issue for me, plus over the years I've learned you get exactly what you pay for every time. I'm pleased to say the package arrived within two day's and the most pleasant surprise is that the coffee taste great. It's very full and rich, obviously a quality product and knowing it has essential vitamins built in is a huge plus. I'm very satisfied with the coffee and service. In fact, I'm so impressed with the company as a whole I've joined the company. I now run a successful home base business helping others discover the many benefits Java Fit has to offer! Anyway thanks for a great product and opportunity!

ProReps Marketing Group
Jason Booth

I have spent the last 30 years as a vendor selling products to Wal-Mart and the likes. I had some success in networking marketing, but nothing big. With JavaFit I truly believe I'm getting in at the beginning of the next billion dollar company; its like a kid in a candy store. These are great products. Personally I do not drink coffee, so my friends and family are my tasters, you don't need to drink coffee to make money with JavaFit. I believe this is my retirement account.

Thank You JavaFit
Mark Dickson Durango, CO.

When the JavaFit opportunity was shared with me, I became very, very excited. Iíve been out of the MLM world for the past five years because Iíve been looking for one that creates PASSION. Iíve got it now. The product is amazing! I like really GOOD coffee; I take vitamins and am health conscious; the cost is very affordable, and the demand for coffee is already there. The compensation plan definitely looks out for the net worker, and the opportunity to be a Founder was more than I could ever imagine!

Jan Kennedy

I am not normally a coffee drinker but I do take supplements to boost my metabolism. I tried JavaFit and what a great taste! Plus, it gave me all the energy I needed and saved me from spending so much money on supplements!

Lea Waide

As a veteran high profile dignitary protection agent, law enforcement officer and radio talk show host, I keep a very busy and demanding schedule.

I drink a lot of coffee and I have been very impressed with the taste of Javafit's product line. I especially enjoy the Diet Plus 62 and the Focus Plus Multi-Vitamin blends as I have found them to be excellent at helping to curb my appetite, give me increased, sustainable energy throughout the day and help me with mentality clarity which is extremely important in my line of work!

Lastly, I have enjoyed earning an additional quick and growing residual income just by sharing Javafit's coffee products with friends, family and associates who have expressed interest in the benefits of the great tasting coffee and/or the simple but very powerful business opportunity.

Alfred McComber, 
Washington, DC

I have been in and around network marketing for about 18 years. I have had the opportunity to look at many different companies, compensation plans and product lines. When I was introduced to JavaFit, my first thought was COFFEE? Really? I was amazed at the simplicity of the product. I know tons of people who drink coffee. It was a product that I did not need to explain what it was or how to use. I also knew I wouldn't need to "convince" anyone they couldn't live without it. This was truly a networking dream of "Keeping it Simple".

Then I heard about the company, management team and compensation plan. I knew I had to become a founder. Where would I ever be in the right place at the right time again?

Along with my 2 business partners, my mother and sister, I worked with my upline, Donna and Gene from Vermont and we set our first goal of becoming the first prelaunch superstars by June 30th. We completed that goal on June 26th.

I am so excited to be a part of a network marketing company on the ground floor and encourage everyone to take a closer look. This is your right time and right place now.


JavaFit chose the right web design company to portray their core
values on the web, and I'm impressed with their work on the MyJavaFit
and JavaFitBuilder web sites!

The professional layout and sharp graphics are fantastic, the message
is inspiring, and the back-office of each site is easy to navigate! I
love the JavaFitBuilder back-office which includes marketing and
training tools, while the MyJavaFit back-office includes product sales
and commission reporting tools!

Kudos to the artists, designers, and programmers!

Chris Clark
Dublin, VA

The true test of any company is not what they say, but rather, what do they do. Do they equip their affiliates with the necessary means to be successful and do make decisions with the consumer and affiliate in mind. JavaFit has equipped us with the best tools in the industry to build our business. We have the best in offline tools and the best in online tools in my opinion. These tools have allowed me and my leaders to triple our business building results from our previous company.

After less than a year in the Network Marketing industry, JavaFit has managed to have the look, feel and affect of an established five year old company. The Executives are open to input from the field and they have a strictly defined criterion in our Core Values that guide them in all decisions. I feel blessed to be in such a great situation with a true TEAM effort. I cannot wait to experience the coming decades with the JavaFit TEAM!


User Testimonials

Hello! Thanks for JavaFit! I am a physical therapist in Ft. Lauderdale and enjoy both the JavaFit Energy Coffee and Diet formulas. 
I am also a natural figure competitor and count on coffee to assist me for energy in daily activities as well as training. 
Thanks for a great product and have a great day- In Health.

Erin Elberson, FL

Hi Everyone at JavaFit: I just wanted to let you know that I just joined the Performance Ready Team with Carla Sanchez. 
I have only been a team member for a few weeks now, but I am already addicted to JavaFit. 
I just wanted to send your company a little note to say thank you so much for sponsoring our team. 
I wear your cute shirt all the time and I drink your wonderful coffee every morning. I tell everyone I know about your great product. Starbucks doesn't even compare to JavaFit. Thanks for waking me up in the mornings!

Amanda Berthod
Performance Ready Fitness & Figure Team Member.

I feel Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! I can totally tell my energy level is up. I just noticed itís time to eat tuna and realized I'm NOT hungry! That is how all my Hydrocuts made me feel (generic brand of Hydroxycut). I'm going to send that website info to all my girlfriends from the gym.

Stephanie B, TX

I started drinking JavaFit a month ago. At first I just loved the taste, but then I noticed an increase in my energy and a decrease in my appetite. It didn't take long for me to be hooked. Now I'm a JavaFit queen, spreading JavaFit joy among my subjects.

Danielle B

Dear Javalution:

WOW! I am writing to you about your product, JavaFit, to let you know how amazing I think it is. 
First of all, let me say that I would not, nor have I ever took the time to write about a product or supplement of any kind. 
I have been hearing about your product on the Howard Stern show. I went by a local Vitamin Shoppe on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn on my way home from work one day. Although it was not my main intent to get JavaFit, I saw the display and decided to give it a try. After my first cup, I have become hooked! 

I am now a Java-head addict! I am a 33 year old male and I have been working out for a number of years. I am also a self proclaimed coffee aficionado. Additionally, I am a student in graduate school and a full-time teacher in the NYC school system. 
I am mentioning all these things because lately (prior to discovering JavaFit), I have been finding myself fatigued and lacking that extra 'oomph' to get through my day. 

I have also started to slack off on one of the most important things in the world to me - working out. I am used to working out 4-5 days per week but since September, starting my first semester of grad school left me with very little time and the extra energy to get myself to the gym. I also did not have great concentration or focus on my duties as a teacher as well as a student. 

Then came JavaFit! First of all, it tastes better than any coffee I can compare it to. Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Maxwell House, you name it and I think that the JavaFit blend tastes better and makes for a more enjoyable cup of 'java' than the aforementioned brands. More importantly however, it does everything it touts to do. My energy levels are through the roof and my appetite is more controllable. Although I thought the price ($19.99) was a bit steep, I realized that it is all relative. I was drinking more coffee to try to get me through my days, even buying a cup or two at a local deli. When I realized that those extra cups where costing me an extra $2-$3 bucks a day, well you do the math and realize that over the course of two weeks, that costs more than the JavaFit alone. Also, I was taking energy supplements which also cost me about $20 bucks a month. 

Now I do not need to buy those extra supplements or the extra cups of coffee a day so actually JavaFit saves me money! I am back in the gym, have the energy to get through my work day and find the extra energy to get to the gym and get a quality work out in. I love your product. I think it's amazing. Like the commercial spots say, its wonder why someone didn't think of it sooner! Best of luck to you.

A very happy and loyal JavaFit consumer. 'Life is a state of mind; imagine the one that you want and create it.'
John Micciolo, NY

Dear Javalution:

I am an avid runner and cross-train with free weights. I do this six days a week. I run in local races and it is very important for me to keep up my stamina at the age of 43 with 3 children, a job outside the home and taking care of my home (which is more work than all of them put together). I start every morning with a PHYTO drink, then I follow it up with about 5-6 cups of coffee. I know this is not the healthiest but it was the lesser of the evils of all of the energy products available. I have a hard time digesting pills so unless the moon and the stars are aligned right I inevitably get sick from my vitamins and do not take them regularly because of this. I am always on the look out for a liquid form of a multi-vitamin. 

I saw your AD in Runner's Edge magazine and was so excited to try the coffee. By the way are you working on a tea formula? 
I purchased the coffee at the Vitamin Shop and the employer had just got it in. He was hesitant on recommending it because of the price. But this was multitasking at its best for me. I chose the JavaFit Multi-vitamin. I read the directions and had my game plan on how to make just one cup without wasting any grinds. To my surprise when I opened the bag I saw the mini-cup filters, I was so delighted I knew this would be a quality product. I have a one cup coffee machine, I was able to place the cup with the coffee and filter right under the spout and whala it was ready! 

I have purchased many brands of coffee and did not expect this to go down easy but I knew it would satisfy the nutrients I was missing. Well let me tell you it is BEST cup of coffee I have ever had. Almost too good to be true!! I found myself satisfied and not wanting or needing the other cups. My workouts are always in the morning, I have more energy for them and throughout the day. 
I feel this is because I am giving my body what it needs to work. 

I have never felt this refreshed from my regular vitamins or all of the coffee I drank. I have told so many of my friends and family about the different types and they can't wait to try it. I know I will be buying this for gifts this Christmas. Thank you for thinking outside of the bean and I look forward to enjoying your coffee for as long as you make it. Please use what you like for the testimonial. I truly love this coffee!!!!!

Mrs. Jeannine Gattus

I have never been a coffee drinker because I don't like the taste of coffee. However, I sampled JavaFit coffee at the Europa Super Show Expo 2005, and loved it! As soon as I got home, I ordered some, and now I'm hooked! A few of my friends and my parents also liked it and are now JavaFit drinkers! JavaFit coffee is the best!

Barbie Guerra

Dear Javalution:

My wife, daughter and I are recent customers. We have been enjoying the Burn Extreme Original Roast blend for the past couple months. We have been very pleased with the results. Not only do we have more energy throughout the day, but it also reduces our cravings for sweets at night. In all, your coffee has improved our lifestyle and health. The real test came this week, when we returned from a nice relaxing vacation. Unfortunately we didn't have access to any of the Javalution brands during our time off. Within two days of being back on the Burn Extreme we resumed our healthy habits. Thanks Javalution for working and FAST...

Marylou, Anna and Chuck

I just wanted to thank you... for providing such a wonderful product to our team! My husband and I are coffee connoisseurs and we absolutely love the richness in flavor, as well as the beneficial supplements added. I'm looking forward to trying your JavaFit Energy Extreme because of the green tea content and JavaFit Lean with calcium. 

I started drinking coffee while I was in the Navy during 'mid' watches and now it's a part of my morning. So, thanks for adding a healthy component to my morning coffee :) I'm a mother of 2 beautiful boys and have a great fitness program for moms with preschoolers in Fort Collins, Colorado. I work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and try to pass on as much information as I can about living a balanced, healthy lifestyle to those around me! Thank you for helping us stay energized, lean and healthy!

Tamara Sherril
IFBB Professional Athlete
Performance Ready Team

Dear Javalution:

I just wanted to let you know how delicious your cup of coffee is. I am a BIG coffee drinker and this has been the best cup yet. I am excited to start a new exercise regimen and I am hoping this coffee will give me the boost I need to get going. I have four young children under the age of 5, so I need all the help I can get. Thank you for making it taste so good. I'll keep you updated to see if it is helping with energy and fat burning.

Thank you Javalution,
Mary :)

I really enjoyed my first pack of coffee and felt great when it was time to hit the gym! It is really true. For the first few days, I was putting it to the test, and it really does give you an extra boost of energy (much more than regular coffee) and it has a very full, rich flavor. Did I mention how wonderful the customer service is as well? Thank you for following up and have a great day.


Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I've been using JavaFit before I go to the gym & it's great. It really does give me that boost. It does everything you all said it would do.

Channel 13 Action News

When I drink JavaFit I have more energy. I don't feel the accustomed mother's fatigue. Whether I want to clean the house or head to the gym, JavaFit helps me get it done faster or better. I don't know what's in it - but I feel happier on the days I take it. Call it my "mother's little helper".

Joyce Binkley
Mother of 3

I am not normally a coffee drinker but I do take supplements to boost my metabolism. I tried JavaFit and what a great taste! Plus, it gave me all the energy I needed and saved me from spending so much money on supplements!

Lea Waide
IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor