JavaFit Coffee Mail Order Instructions
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Mail Order Products

Note: I no longer sell coffee from my websites. I now use JavaFit's automated system to handle all my orders. this has simplified my business operations. You can have this same system if you choose to join JavaFit.

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How to order products if you do not want to purchase by way of Pay Pal.

  1. Write down the product you want to order.

  2. Write down the quantity you want and the size you want. example: 12-2oz Packs of Diet Plus 62

  3. Write down the price of each product.

  4. Total the quantity and price of each item.

  5. Add them all up to one total.

  6. Include your address and phone number with the order.

  7. Send a check to Bill Elsenrath at:
    748 Fairfield Ave Gretna, Louisiana 70056

After I receive the check your order will be sent out by way of USPO, UPS or FedX. I will call you when the order ships.

NOTE: Orders only shipped in the United States
No sales shipped to Louisiana

Call Bill at 225-413-8928 when placing orders.

Hello, This is Bill & Robin
Call us for more information at 225-413-8928

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